Bespoke P2F Cargo Conversions

Our expert team of aircraft engineers have the dedication, accreditation, and experience to create bespoke innovative and adaptable P2F (passenger to freight cargo) aircraft conversion solutions for our customers across the UK and worldwide. Here at European Aviation Design Services, our P2F cargo conversions can meet the demands of any fleet. Our bespoke cargo conversions can be tailored to suit your requirements. A passenger to freight cargo conversion not only boosts versatility and adaptability to suit new markets but extends the economic life of an aircraft.

By changing the aircraft’s mission and configuration, our accredited engineers design, install, and modify your aircraft’s new configuration, including specific systems, certificates, and amendments. Whether you’re looking for a light conversion with minor modifications, an intermediate and reversible cargo conversion, or a full cargo conversion solution, at European Aviation Design Services, we’re with you every step of the way. With European Aviation Design Services you can extend the life of your aircraft. We transform aging passenger aircraft into cost-effective cargo platforms. European Aviation Design Services has certified STCs by the FAA, EASA, UK CAA, as well as the DOA, and ODA. If you have any questions about our passenger to freight cargo conversions in the UK, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

1. BOEING 747-400 (P2F)


2. BOEING 747-400(CB2F)























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